New Super quality foils and boards from Sports France

As most people know Hydrofoils have been stagnent for the last few years with poor quality and poor design. Sports from France have now produced "TESTED" a work of art which will bring your foil back to the performance it should have had ! The new hydrofoils are beautifully engineered and produced to the higest standards . With a range of race , surf and speed boards there is no reason to look at cheep (quality not price) China ripoffs

Warning Defective parts from Carafino


Broken Board
Poor quality
Inserts pulling out
And another one
Leg and board
Delaminating Little to no epoxy
Complete failure Leg and wing sunk
Another one on its way
Next stage different leg
Legs that don't fit
This one is just starting to crack
Failure of the leg
Chewing gum for glue
Blades split and fail
split blade
Another one cracking

Now the Paddle boards break

Just in Another Hydrofoil


If you are thinking of buying from MR C. M. Carabello ( Mango Carafino)

proceed with caution I am owed over $10,000 worth of goods plus replacement of all the bad goods ( Only a selection above). I have had to take legal action !!!!

Latest News Mr Carabello has left the factory in China owing back rent and workers wages.

Mr Carabello is still trying to trade and take your money so be warned


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